Full 26 Minute Download Video of Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape..Plus Advice For Hank Baskett

You can download the entire thing below. It is interesting watch, she is energetic.


People have been asking me how I would handle the situation if I were Hank Baskett.  Of course, being the Dean of Nohology I have a solution for all problems, even this one; here is what he should do:

1- Take all the money

She claims that she didn’t want the tape to come out; of course, I don’t believe her since she is getting paid.  If I were Hank, I would simply say if you really didn’t want it to come out, give me all the money.  I would proceed to put it all in an account she has no access to.  If she refuses or doesn’t negotiate, then we know who wears the pants in their family.

2- Make a new sex tape

I can’t confirm or deny that I have watched the tape, but if I were Hank I would prove my superiority over the ex-boyfriend.  I would get a professional crew and make the best sex tape that a ninth-string wide receiver salary can buy.  That way people will be talking about him and not the EX with the waterbed and black panther sheets.

3- Punch the first teammate in the face who talks greasy.

He is going to get tested, so the first guy who tries to make a joke, knock him cold out, Marvin Hagler-style, and no one else will tell any jokes.

If he does those three things, he’s still a fool for marrying a woman who broke lamps with the King of Queens, but at least he can walk around with his head held high until the divorce.

By the way someone asked what Hugh Hefner thought about this whole episode.  Hef had this to say via Twitter:

And here are the best of Kendra’s pics — when she has clothes on.

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