Haynesworth on Silvia Mena: “I Had a Few Sexual Encounters During Super Bowl But I Used Protection”

We have been monitoring the story about a stripper – Silvia Mena – who is suing Washington Redskins star Albert Haynesworth for 10 million dollars, claiming that he got her pregnant during Super Bowl week and has now abandoned her (pictures of Silvia Mena).  I still haven’t been able to figure out how you can sue someone when you are only four months pregnant and the paternity is in doubt, but in America you can pretty much sue for anything these days.

According to TMZ.com, Haynesworth was totally blindsided by the lawsuit and the accusations.  As I stated above, there is some doubt in his mind as to whether he is the father or not.  Here are the details:

Albert Haynesworth — one of the NFL’s highest paid defensive players — claims he was “blindsided” by reports of a $10 million lawsuit filed against him, in which he’s accused of “abandoning” a stripper who claims she’s carrying his unborn child … this according to sources close to the situation.

We’re told the Washington Redskins superstar has privately acknowledged having a few sexual encounters with the woman during Super Bowl week back in February, but he’s adamant that he used protection.

Our source also tells us Haynesworth has said he will “absolutely” take responsibility if the woman can prove the child is his.

We’re also told Albert says he never dated the woman … even though she reportedly claims they carried on a relationship after Super Bowl week.

To be honest, I am more inclined to believe Haynesworth’s version of events.  I was in Miami for the Super Bowl and it was like an episode of Zane’s Sex Chronicles (I cannot confirm or deny if I was in any episodes).

It seems plausible that Haynesworth was sampling everything he could from the female buffet while he was in town.  The only real question is, if you believe Haynesworth was really using protection, how did Miss Mena get pregnant?

That seems to be the 10 million dollar question.  Either Haynesworth is lying about going “Eddie Murphy Raw” or Miss Mena is lying about the pregnancy.  At some point the truth will come out; it always does.

5 thoughts on “Haynesworth on Silvia Mena: “I Had a Few Sexual Encounters During Super Bowl But I Used Protection”

  • he shouldn't be getting sued. They should just try to establish paternity when the baby is born. I think she knows its not his cause if it was she would just wait until the test to hit him up with nasir jones support, but suing him now just puts up red flags for me

  • he shoulda told her suck it or not like camrons song

  • This is what DNA tests are for. DNA can easily establish if he is the father or not. If they want to establish it pre-natally they can do so using amniocentesis. Otherwise it is easy to establish after birth. Her stories and version and his story about wearing protection are all irrelevant to the DNA. No-brainer.

  • Rob, to answer your question, Haynesworth could have had SAFE SEX, but what happened to the condom after sex is the question? If he allowed Silva to dispose of the condom, then she could have easily injected sperm inside of her (I've heard of this happening to a lot of men). Sperm is can live outside of the body for up to a minute & unless it is dry, then a female can still get pregnant.

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