Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thinks LeBron James needed college by: Greg Smith


So when I heard Kareem on the radio yesterday on a station out of Omaha while driving home from work, I had to listen.  He is an all-time great and from what I have seen you just do not hear from him all that often.  “The Captain,” as you will often hear him referred to by Lakers fans and general basketball fans, is as respected as they come so when he said: “LeBron James would have benefited from college and would have arrived with very polished basketball skills,” I took it seriously.

Not serious enough to not post that crazy picture with him and Bruce Lee.  I mean come on, that was too easy.

I know a lot of people, including the BSO don Robert Littal (check for his thoughts at www.twitter.com/blksportsonline) are about to think I am crazy, but I disagree with Rob on this one.  I’m with Kareem.

Not just that LeBron needed college, but that everyone entering the NBA needs to attend college.  You can’t argue that LeBron is one of the most physically gifted players on the planet, but his basketball skills outside of blowing by everyone and dunking could stand to be improved.

This debate has people with strong feelings on both sides.  I just happen to be on the side of an age limit or mandatory years in college.  Think about it, for every LeBron, Kobe, and Kevin Garnett that are out there, how many Dorell Wrights are there?

This is not about the phenoms like LeBron and Kobe, because you are not going to stop their greatness (barring a huge injury).  This is about the players like Ndudi Ebi who would have benefitted greatly from a fallback plan had the NBA not worked out.

I am sure some of you will want to talk to me about this one: www.twitter.com/g_twitty so feel free. Sometimes, you need to save people from themselves.


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