Kat Stacks vs. Brandon Jennings: Fear The Noho

After getting into it with a phony Jordan Farmar account, you’d think the man would chill out a bit on Twitter.  Not the case.  Today, Brandon Jennings exchanged a few words with none other than the infamous Kat Stacks.

Jennings and his Milwaukee Bucks have a Game 7 tomorrow against the Atlanta Hawks.  While this could hardly be labeled a major conflict, you’ve gotta wonder if this is detracting from his focus in some way; Scott Skiles isn’t gonna take too kindly to losing this serious because his PG is Kat Stackin’.  In any case, I hope he’s got a clean bill and an airtight alibi, because we all know that Kat Stacks will not hesitate to “put you on that Summer Jam Screen.”  I can hear the big homie RL yelling at him from Vegas (judging by the noise, in the hot tub):


To check out Brandon Jennings’ timeline, jump here.  For Kat Stacks’, this is the way to go.

Or read them here:


Thanks to the homie Hassan for putting this story up while I was chilling in the hot tub in Vegas, but I thought I would throw my 15 cent.

Brandon Jennings has every right to do whatever the hell he wants to do in his free time. If he wants to get on twitter and argue with Kat Stacks that is fine, but just remember this you just lost Game 6 of a close out game on your home court.

You have a chance to do something really special if you can win Game 7 on the road. Do you think you would catch Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant playing around with some women whose claim to fame is sleeping with Young Money and Bow Wow?

You want to be a champion start acting like a champion. You want people to respect your maturity then act mature. I like Brandon Jennings, but he has to be smarter and in my opinion is his focus should be on one thing and that is Game 7, not Kat Stackin.

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  • That is why the lost

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