Lawrence Taylor Allegedly Paid $300 For Sex With 16 Year Old Girl

We always promote innocent until proven guilty on BSO, so we are going to give you all three sides of this story, all coming from

First, here is what the accuser had to say:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Lawrence Taylor’s accuser told police that the NFL legend paid her $300 for sex.

Cops have already confirmed that the accuser was under the control of a pimp — who was later arrested.

Sources tell us the pimp was arrested on charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault and endangering the welfare of a minor.

Here is some more information on what the cops found:

The Town of Ramapo supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, investigators found LT asleep inside the room when they first arrived to the hotel.

We’re told cops recovered a condom as well as other physical evidence when they took LT into custody. Cops tell us they found NO DRUGS or paraphernalia at the scene.

Here is what LT’s lawyer had to say:

Lawrence Taylor is proclaiming his innocence against an allegation that he raped an underage girl in NY this morning.

TMZ spoke with LT’s lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz, who tells us Taylor is adamant that he’s not guilty.

Gribetz also tells us LT — who is still behind bars in the Town of Ramapo — is “extremely upset about the situation.”

LT’s wife claims he has been set up:

Lawrence Taylor’s wife is standing by her man while he faces allegations of rape — telling TMZ she believes the entire incident is one big “setup.”

TMZ just spoke with Lynette Taylor — LT’s 3rd wife — who tells us the allegations are “all bullsh*t.”

As for why she suspects a setup, Lynette claims that the timing of the arrest is suspicious because it came just days after LT was featured on an A&E documentary called “Fame and Recovery” which she believes “made him out to be a monster.”

Lynette wouldn’t expand on who she thought could be behind such a plot, but she was adamant that the timing of the show and the arrest were no coincidence.

I will hold off on judgment until all of the evidence comes out, but I can tell you one thing, if I was Ladainian Tomlinson, I would be searching for a new nickname.

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