Manny Pacquiao Admitted To Hospital With an Ulcer…


I can understand why Manny would have an ulcer because the man is always doing something.  By all accounts he took his campaign for the senate in the Phillipines very seriously and that might have caused him some stress.  Here are the details from

World welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao was admitted to a hospital to treat a mild stomach ulcer and allow him to rest after campaigning for the May 10 congressional elections.

Pacquiao’s chief of staff, Jayke Joson, said Monday that doctors discovered the 31-year-old boxer had an ulcer during a routine checkup Sunday and his family convinced him to stay in a suburban Manila hospital for a few days.

“Really, Manny can only rest if you confine him to a hospital,” Joson told The Associated Press, adding Pacquiao was receiving intravenous dextrose drips. “It’s been so intense a campaign, he missed some of his meals.”

I hope Manny feels better because it is time to get down to business in regard to getting the Mayweather deal signed, sealed, and delivered.

No matter what you hear, it is far from being a 100% done deal but here’s to hoping they can get it done; I personally have no interest in seeing Manny fight Antonio Margarito aka “Stone Hands.”


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