Manny Pacquiao Tells Mom, One More Fight, Mayweather

As the last couple of weeks have given hopefuls of the megafight more and more reason to get excited about the possibility of the fight happening, today has given Pacquiao fans a little more to be optimistic about.

The Manilla Standard Today caught up with Pacman after the news broke of him entering the Philippine parliament by winning a seat in this week’s elections, and he said that he has one more obligation that he owes to the sport of boxing, and that Mama Pacquiao approves:

“Many fans really want me to fight Floyd Mayweather so I asked my Mama if we can give them one more fight, she said okay,”

“We spoke yesterday and she said just one last fight, Mayweather.”

If that doesn’t excite boxing fans, it has also been reported that “Jerry World” aka Cowboys Stadium, where Pacquiao last  faught against Joshua Clottey, and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where Mayweather was last in action, had both been booked for November 13.

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  • Floyd could ask his Dad, but Senor might tell him to go sell some crack out on the corner while he thinks about it.

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