Mayweather/Pacquiao Update: Freddie Roach: Yes, It Is Going To Happen

The day just keeps getting better for boxing fans.  As earlier reported, Pac Man has agreed to blood testing but now more information is surfacing about the possible fight of the decade.

Trainer Freddie Roach appeared on ESPN radio affiliate 790TheZone and he seemed very confident that the fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather will indeed happen this year in either October or November.  He also revealed that Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is already on his way to the Phillipines and will discuss the fight as soon as Manny gets a break from his political campaign.

Here is what Roach had to say to 790TheZone :

“Yes, it is going to happen. I just talked to Bob Arum yesterday. Bob is flying to the Philippines to make Manny the offer. We are going to make this work the best we can. I think we have enough ammo to get it done quickly because there is a lot of money out there. We’re going to meet in the middle [on the drug tests]. They wanted 14. We wanted 24. [We’ll do] 17, 18-days,” Roach said. “They are talking October, November. Definitely [to happen] before the year is out.”

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  • Pac going to get his ass kicked by Money

  • Pac is fast and has the best foot work in the business and not even money has better foot work. Money has a slight hand speed edge but after Shane caught him in the second, money was hurt bad!Luckily Shane, like Zab Judah, GOT TIRED after a short flurry! Pac does not get tired! Let me repeat this PAC DOES NOT GET TIRED!! And Pac says, he will be even faster than before! Everyone better believe it! Or don't and then underestimate him and get KTFO! What makes it worse for Floyd is, Floyd has a slight problem with southpaws, just ask Zab in the first part of his fight with Floyd. Ironically the fighter of the decade is also the most dangerous southpaw history. Floyd is a great boxer but he won't out work Pac nor will he hurt him. Pac will even frustrate Floyd by slipping his jab with his unorthodox style, just like Zab did. Floyd can adjust but Pac adjusts faster. Pac will be a step above Floyd in adjusting. Floyd backs off and adjusts, whereas Pac adjusts as he is engaging.

  • pac is wack

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