Memphis Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph Implicated in Major Drug Investigation

Add another player to the “WTF was he thinking?” list.

Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph is being investigated as a “Major Marijuana Supplier” in an Indianapolis drug round-up.  Channel 6 News in Indy has the details:

According to a probable cause affidavit, a trusted police informant identified Memphis Grizzlies player Zach Randolph as a major marijuana supplier in Indianapolis.

According to the affidavit, the Cadillac Escalade that Boyd was driving was registered to Randolph, and police found marijuana and ammunition stowed inside.

“One of his vehicles had what we call hidden compartments that contained suspected narcotics, that being marijuana,” said Lt. Jeff Duhamell.

Based on information found in the Escalade, police later raided a northeast side storage facility, where they said Randolph rents four lockers.

According to the affidavit, a police K-9 alerted to controlled substances in two of the four units, and police found more cars with secret compartments inside.

Duhamell said he had been unaware Randolph was implicated in the investigation.

“Whether he is a specific target, that I don’t know,” he said. “But looking at his ownership of the vehicles, he should be aware of who’s driving and operating them and possessing illegal narcotics in his vehicles. That in and of itself brings up questions.”

The police informant is also quoted in the affidavit as having told investigators that Randolph was known to provide individuals with expensive cars and access to his Geist Reservoir waterfront home.

Randolph’s attorney, John Tompkins, told 6News Wednesday evening that Boyd worked for his client, and that Randolph is not connected to any drug activity.

He said Randolph’s vehicle has secret compartments as a safety precaution for concealing valuables, and that police have told him the vehicles are in the process of being released.

A couple of things; even if you believe Randolph had no clue what was going on, why is he dealing with these type of people?

Did he not see what happened with Michael Vick?  Your boys will turn on you in a minute if it means they won’t get any jail time.  $100 of your money says the informant is one of Randolph’s close friends.

The cops always go after the “higher” profile person in the case because it gives them a chance to get on TV and say:

“It doesn’t matter if he is a NBA player or not, we are about justice.”

Of course that isn’t true, it’s about making the biggest headlines, but if you are Randolph you have to be smarter.  Then again, we are talking about Zach Randolph, so maybe I am expecting too much.

As the case proceeds, we will keep you updated.

Hat tip to Sports Media World for alerting us.

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  • Such a big dummy

  • He knew all about the drugs I bet your bottom dollar. I was watching MTV Cribs years ago and thy had Zack on there. They went down to his basement and he had a Blue and Black pool table with a 6 point star and two pitch forks. Of course that’s Ganster Diciple garb, so since then I was waiting for him to get arrested and I was also hoping he’d stay away from the Milwaukee Bucks because I knew what type of player he was. That was when he was in Portland after that on year of fabulous play. Sometimes you have to read the writtings on the wall. In his case it was in bold font under lined and in itallics.

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