Pics: Natasha McKenzie Accused of Stealing $93,000 From Colts Star Reggie Wayne, She Claims Affair

There are two different versions of this story.

Miss McKenzie’s version and Reggie Wayne’s version I am going to give you both and then tell you who I believe. Details are from

Reggie Wayne’s version:

Metro Indianapolis police and FBI investigators are looking into claims of fraud against a woman who claims to be Reggie Wayne’s mistress.

After obtaining a search warrant, 15 FBI agents took materials from 26-year-old Natasha McKenzie’s home after she was accused of stealing his debit card, and charging nearly $93,000 on it, according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

The story isn’t simple, though. Wayne apparently had a relationship with the woman. He said she requested he wire her money. When he refused, he noticed “more than 300 unaccounted for transactions dating back to September 2009” according to WISH-TV.

Natasha McKenzie version:

“Reggie knew what was going on. I sent Reggie plenty of thank you messages. He knew everything that was going on. There was nothing fraud about it. . . . I had permission to buy whatever I bought. Reggie gave me all of his credit card information I still have a record of everything he gave me.”

The credit card charges include daycare bills, college tuition, and trips she says she took with Wayne. She thinks that Wayne’s wife may have found out about their affair and be at the root of the investigation. McKenzie claims to have text messages she kept from Wayne.

I know you aren’t shocked that one of the “good” wide receivers was having an affair on his wife and was tricking right?

You can choose to believe whoever you like and I am sure more information will come out, but just from what I have read, investigated on my own, watching the video, going over what she spent the money on and a couple of well placed sources I am more inclined to believe Miss McKenzie.

What probably happened was Wayne gave her permission to “throw it in the bag” and she went a little overboard. Wayne’s wife finds out and all of sudden he needs a convenient excuse, so he says she stole the money.

If that is the case Wayne needs to man up. If he was “simpin” for his mistress just take ownership and move on. Nothing worse that false allegations be it from a man or woman.

Also Wayne needs to be very careful because the police and FBI don’t like to be lied to and if it turns out that he was lying Jack Bauer could be knocking on his door very shortly. I think this was a panic move on Wayne’s part because he has a “wholesome” image in the public. He isn’t seen like T.O. or Brandon Marshall. He is the receiver that ESPN says is a “role model”.

If there is one thing that we have learned over the past few years is what happens on the field and what goes on off the field are two different things. In reality what Wayne was doing by having a side woman is not that uncommon, but because he has been giving this unrealistic image by the media he is force to act like he is perfect.

This is just my opinion, if evidence props up that indeed Miss McKenzie spent almost $100,000 and Wayne had absolutely no knowledge of it, I will apologize to Wayne, but I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon.

29 thoughts on “Pics: Natasha McKenzie Accused of Stealing $93,000 From Colts Star Reggie Wayne, She Claims Affair

  • While him having a chick on the side doesn't shock me I was surprised to find out he's married which is strange because he never mentioned his "status". Of course nobody knows in Indianapolis if a wife exists.

      • Regardless I'm starting to think that Reggie didn't call the cops on her but that the credit card company did. Reggie probably ended it and cut her off but instead of the credit card company cancelling it right away they did their own investigation. Realized how much she was spending and got the cops involved themselves. I have a hard time believing Reggie would go out of his way to lie to the cops over this when he could've just paid her off to keep quiet without the cops.

        • It has been confirmed that Wayne did indeed call authorities

          • Then I stand corrected.

  • That's what she gets for carrying on an affair with a married man. We're supposed to feel sorry for a mistress? FOH You reap what you sow.

    • Regardless of what you think of her morals. No one should be falsely accused of a crime that can put them in jail for a long time

  • And I guess Mr. Wayne has no responsibility in this. He Is The Married One, Right. Why bash the woman, why couldn't he be a faithful HUSBAND? Then he wouldn't have this problem, Right?

  • That's what you get when you don't CLOSE YOUR LEGS TO MARRIED MEN!! Women need to get it together. I guess women would suck the c–k of anyone willing to pay their bills and have free run of their credit cards! This is sad and I don't feel bad for her!! YOU HAVE CHILDREN AND AT THE VERY LEAST A MISTRESS. DID YOU REALLY THINK YOU WOULD GET A HAPPILY EVER AFTER???
    Check out the link below and learn something:

    • and that's right, why not get paid for your services. call it what you want…i call it being smart!nothing is free…i thought everybody knew that

  • I put the blame on Reggie Wayne, he's the married one not her. If Reggie Wayne doesn't respect HIS marriage vows then why should she. He's a rich athlete with a lot to lose, she's just a single mother who got hooked up with a baller. She would be stupid not to take his riches.

    • No she doesn't owe his wife anything but if she wants us to feel bad for her(beyond being falsely accused of a thief) then she's not going to get much sympathy because she was a kept woman.

      If she thought this ride would last forever she was sorely mistaken.

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