New Nets’ Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Speaks To Fans Via YouTube

I have one warning for new Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov.

Watch out for Jack Bauer because he is coming up the elevator.

I hope he has adequate security because once Jack finds out he is the one who put the hit out on Renee, his life will be in danger.

Even though the Nets missed out on the top two picks in the draft, you have to like Prokhorov’s approach to being the owner.

He is probably being a bit naive in his expectations of the team, but I have no doubt he believes what he is saying.  He also appears to be very committed to the job at hand.  If you are a Nets fan, you have to feel better about your situation than you did six months ago.

Since the Nets won’t be able to land John Wall or Evan Turner, Prokhorov’s main objective will be trying to lure an impact free agent.

LeBron James would be nice, but I don’t know how realistic that is at this point… unless Prokhorov promises him that he can own a part of Russia when his career is over.

With that being said, I like Prohorov’s hands-on approach and reaching out to the fans.  He seems like a new-age style of owner.  Not as childlike as say, Mark Cuban – but more cool, and suave, like James Bond.

I just hope he survives because it’s hard to cover up killing President Hassan’s hair.

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