New York Awarded Super Bowl XLVIII, Bring Your Coats

It took four separate votes to get it done, but New York/New Jersey has been awarded Super Bowl XLVII to be played in February 2014.  Tampa was the second place finisher, and Miami came in third.  Here are the details of what happened from Mike Florio.  He is against it and so am I.  The Super Bowl has become so much more than just the game itself.  It is truly about the experience.  First of all, who wants to spend $2000+ for ONE ticket so you can sit outside in the cold for 3+ hours?  Miss me with the “man up” comments, too; for $2000+ I want to be comfortable.

Next, I guess the NFL didn’t think/care about how much it will cost for a New York or even Jersey hotel room during Super Bowl week.  If I tried to go right now, it would cost me half a mortgage payment per night.  How many will it cost me during that week?  Two?  Three?  That is only taking into account the hotel room; we haven’t even mentioned food and drinks.  Unless you are Tiger rich (and he might not be that rich for long) you better pack some Ramen noodles.  In the words of Chad Ochocinco: “Child, please.”

The NFL is always talking about enhancing the experience, but this time it’s clear that the people attending the game are not the ones the game is being enhanced for.  If the game looks like the picture above, you won’t see much of anything.  Think about this: when the NFL rolls out whatever AARP musical act during halftime, how are they going to perform?  With the average age of the performers post-Janet Jackson, they might not recover from being out there in the cold like that.

The only real good thing about all of this is that we can say that we saw a cold-weather Super Bowl.  The good thing for cold-weather owners is now they can have something to point to when one of them wants a Super Bowl.  It could look really nice on my HDTV; it could also be a complete disaster.  Remember when it was in Detroit and all the media complained about how terrible it was?  Well imagine that, but spending a lot more money.  I will leave that to the ballers.  I will be watching from home.  Minus the frostbite.

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  • I have to disagree a bit. The superbowl should be about the game more than the "experience". I for one am sick of it being about celebrities, half time shows, and BS. For all the complaining people will do, it'll still be sold out. The championship game should be more about the game than the experience in my opinion. But good points you brought up.

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