Pics: Vanessa Bryant Makes Statement Against Arizona Immigration Law: “Do I Look Illegal?”


Is it possible that Kobe’s wife had a close encounter with Lawrence Taylor?

In reality I believe she is speaking to the Arizona immigration law, considering her Hispanic descent.  Whatever the reason, it gives me an opportunity to post Vanessa Bryant pics (it doesn’t take much).  While she was dethroned as the hottest athlete’s wifey by Pilar Sanders, she still holds a special place in my heart.

It is just a matter of time before I make my move.  I just need for Kobe to be caught in a “Tigerstyle” scandal (not in Denver hopefully), increase my Dollarnaire status to at least Thousandaire status and I will be all over that.

I will be spending Kobe’s money like the “Fake Braylon Edwards” is spending Shaq’s money with Shaunie O’Neal right now.

I love it when a plan comes to together.  While I continue plotting you can enjoy the pics and good for Vanessa taking a stand on a very controversial issue.


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