Pics: What In The Blue Hell Is Wrong With Shaq’s Face? Damn Homie

I don’t know if Sports Illustrated knows this, but they have this thing called “Photoshop” that can do wonderful things.  It can turn busted strippers into “Myspace Models” with just a few keystrokes.

Either the person in charge of the graphics department at SI was on vacation or is sleeping with Shaunie O’Neal, but whatever the reason – if they wanted to show Shaq in the worst possible light, they have done it.

The fact that this is hitting newstands around the same time the Celtics could be disposing of the Cavaliers is very ironic.

When the Cavs traded for Shaq, some thought he was the final piece of the puzzle, but I always knew that if the Cavs won a title it wouldn’t have anything to do with Shaq.

Shaq, at this point of his career, is just a role player, not someone who is going to make or break a team.  Shaq’s off-court adventures have been far more interesting than anything  he has done on the court.

Next time he does a photoshoot he may want to ask to take a look at it before it goes to print.

On the bright side, it didn’t turn out like this:

Shaq pic courtesy of The Sports Hernia

5 thoughts on “Pics: What In The Blue Hell Is Wrong With Shaq’s Face? Damn Homie

  • no offense man but are u retarded..the title of the magazine says "good old shaq" so they altered his face to look old…dam

  • I have to agree with tron. I believe the pic was to complement the title "Good old Shaq"

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