Promo Video For The T.O. Show & Chad Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch


T.O. and Chad have been BFFs on the celebrity scene lately, partly because they both have shows coming out on VH1 (I do believe at some point VH1 used to play music videos, but I digress).

This will be the second season of the T.O. Show.  Not exactly sure what T.O. will be talking about since he has no team, but in reality the first season was more about the drama between his assistants, Mo and Kita, than T.O.

We will see if T.O. will be able to pull ratings even without being on a NFL roster.

As far as Ocho, he is going the Flava Flav route of looking for love in all the wrong the places.  His reality show will be a March Madness-style approach to finding that special lady.  I probably will watch for the initial eye candy and see how it goes.

For now you can watch the video preview above.


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