Send LeBron to Chicago Billboard Drive is Underway..Yes I’m Serious

As The Summer of LeBron continues, the frontrunner appears to be the Chicago Bulls.  Even Obama is pitching LeBron on the Chi, so you know LeBron and his elbow have to be taking a strong look at the Bulls.

The website is definitely more creative than the lame attempts by Cavs fans to keep LeBron in town.

They are having a billboard drive.

Once again, I am serious.

Here are the details:

What is sending LeBron a message worth to you?

You Bulls fans asked for it, and the volunteer team from is trying to help you make it a reality. A billboard is in the works, to be placed in the city of Chicago. If this one goes well, billboard number two will be placed in Akron, Ohio, LeBron’s hometown.

The message on each billboard will be a positive message, to show LeBron how much we want him here. We do not recall any other fan base taking this measure to get LeBron’s attention. So, please donate generously if you would like this to become a reality.

We need $1,700.00 for the billboard! The volunteers already made a down payment to the billboard company. The artwork for the billboard has also been sent in. This is close to a done deal!

Now we just need donations from YOU! Bulls Fans who want LeBron James in a Chicago Bulls uniform next year!

Suggested Donations are $5, $10 or $25 or

So there you go, Bulls fans; if you want to spend your hard earned money donating to a LeBron billboard that will have absolutely no effect on what team he plays for, have at it.

I think they should just send a bunch of strippers to Albert Haynesworth’s house, wait until he gets one pregnant, and then collect ten million dollars to give to LeBron on the low to come to Chicago.

Or maybe they can produce a porno video called “Tiger Woods” starring Hank Baskett’s wife, Kendra Wilkinson, and use the money from that to try to lure Phil Jackson back to the Chicago Bulls.

Hold on, the BSO Blackberry is buzzing.

I am very upset with my readers; no one told me they’re already working on a “Tiger Woods” style porno.  I need to be notified of any internet porn, ASAP.  Never let that happen again.

If and when the billboard is up I will be sure to let you guys know.

10 thoughts on “Send LeBron to Chicago Billboard Drive is Underway..Yes I’m Serious

  • Pathetic

  • Why is everyone tripping Jay-Z bagged that horse a long time ago, and in the case no one noticed it Lebron will be more than happy to get more Face time with Beyonce (He has a mad crush, almost school girl esk).

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