Siohvaughn Wade Files Suit Claiming Abuse by Dwyane Wade

This situation with the Wades and their divorce gets crazier and worse everyday.  Around the same time that Siohvaughn Wade was locked up “Akon style” her attorney was filing a lawsuit claiming that Dwyane Wade was verbally and physically abusive to her and the kids during their marriage.

Court papers allege the abuse has gone on for years, from Dwyane Wade picking her up and throwing her to the ground while she was pregnant to a February 2010 outburst when Dwyane Wade allegedly called their crying 8-year-old son a “m———–” and said “Didn’t I tell you men don’t f—— cry, man the f— up.”

Attached to the lawsuit is a March application for a restraining order, sparked — she claims in the documents — by a recent fight between the Wades that triggered a panic attack.

Now if these allegations are true, I will lead the charge in the put-Wade-under-the-jail campaign that is sure to follow. *Stephen A. Smith voice* However, there has been a lot of mudslinging in this case and I am sure it won’t go away. Between claims of passing STDs, lawsuits against Gabby Union, and now this, Dwyane Wade is quickly going from having a great summer where he signs a new big contract and possibly goes to a new city… to all this mess. Even the judge has come out and said this is getting out of hand. Why didn’t they have a reality show on VH1?

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