Soy Sauce in the Face = Assault? Did Desiree Dillon Lie On Corey Dillon?


As earlier reported, ex-Patriots running back Corey Dillon was arrested for felony spousal abuse at his residence last night after his wife Desiree Dillon called police claiming she had been assaulted.

A source close to Dillon says he did admit that he and his wife — who filed for divorce last month — were having a very heated yelling match during dinner when they began “throwing water and soy sauce” at each other (#dead), but Corey is very adamant that he did not touch his wife at any point during the argument.

TMZ caught up with Desiree Dillon who also admitted that there was a heated argument, but her tune has now changed and she is very adamant that Corey did not at any time harm her in anyway.

When TMZ asked her why she called the police she replied:

“To diffuse the situation.”



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