Sporting News of The Week

So here are a few of the stories that are getting SERIOUS burn on the major sports media outlets.

-LT getting caught trickin’ off
-JaMarcus Russell being let go after his return on investment for the $39 million the Raiders gave him equals to about $100, and a 24-pack of Sam’s Choice soda
-Pacman Jones signing with the Cincinnati Group Home for what appears to be his last shot in the league
-LeBron having 7,023 MRI’s on the “People’s Elbow”

Oh yeah, and this one:
University of Virginia Men’s Lacrosse player murders University of Virginia Women’s Lacrosse player.

What’s perplexing about these stories is the emphasis put on the four stories above, and the lacrosse story being buried into the timeframe of Sportscenter where most men shower so they can catch the top plays.

Even though I speak for a small part of the population, let me make this clear to the mainstream sports outlets: Some of us are tired of you making mountains out of molehills with some stories, and being selective on how other stories are being reported.

For example, JaMarcus Russell being released by the Raiders is not breaking news.  Most of us who follow football are not surprised.

Pacman Jones signing with the Bengals is not a big deal either.  Truth be told, most of us only noticed him that one “breakout” year he had with the Titans.  The only time we reference Adam is when it comes to “make it rain” jokes.

Reporting every time LeBron James sneezes, poots, or has a procedure is not breaking news, either.  His elbow has received more attention this playoffs than the fact that the Orlando Magic have won 12 straight games.  Trust me, I am aware of the media darling that James is due to his status in the sports world, but enough with the elbow.  It’s the playoffs and you play hurt if you want to win.  Point-blank, period!

The Lawrence Taylor story is pretty ugly, too.  That’s a headline you can’t deny.  Pro Athlete (former or current) + Sexual Misconduct = story.

In regard to the Virginia case, you would think it headline worthy, but apparently not.  If you are reading this article, I challenge you to look at the mainstream sports sites and look at the front page headlines.  As of 12 noon, any mention of this situation does not jump out at you.

Where on the scale of human interest, even in the world of sports, does a varsity men’s athlete killing a varsity women’s athlete AT a top-tier school not receive the attention it deserves?  Just a question.

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