Superfight On? Pacquiao: “I Agree To Random Blood Tests”

The one fight boxing fans are itching to see just may become a reality…again

According to Boxing Insider, Manny Pacquiao has finally agreed to random blood testing, which should set the stage for the fight of the decade.

Here is what Manny had to say:

“I’m not opposed to the drug tests just as long as it’s not on the day of the fight. It’s not good (to have the tests on) the day of the fight because they have medical procedures right after the fight.  And because it will be a disadvantage for me because he’s big and I’m small.  And I may not be able to recover (from the tests).”

“We can fight.  Afterall, we are not scared.”

“I still have to talk to my mother, because my mother does not want me to fight anymore. We still have to talk.”

“I am willing to help the sport for the future of the sport. I do not want to see anyone cheat or cheat this sport. For that reason I am willing to consider taking blood as close as 14 days prior to the fight, as long as, my opponent does the same, and it is not a lot of blood, just enough to test.”

“I do not want anyone having an unfair advantage where someone may get hurt. I am willing to do my part to help this sport out.”

I guess this leaves the ball (or glove, so to speak) in the hands of Pretty Boy Floyd.  Christmas may come early for boxing fans this year.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

8 thoughts on “Superfight On? Pacquiao: “I Agree To Random Blood Tests”

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