Tiki Barber Banned From Delievery Room as Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Ginny Barber Gives Birth To Twins

I don’t say this very often, but because I believe in being up front and honest with my readers, I think you need to know this – even though you already should.

I do not like Tiki Barber.

Never have and never will; I didn’t like him before he left his pregnant wife for an intern that will soon leave him from JaMarcus Russell, and I won’t like him after.  With that being said, no matter how bad of a person he is, I don’t think the father of any child should be banned from the delivery room, even if the couple is going through a divorce.

I totally understand why his soon-to-be ex-wife wouldn’t want him there, considering while she was pregnant he was at the “dorm,” but still, they are his kids.  Huffington Post has more details:

While the football great was in the hospital while his estranged wife Ginny gave birth to twins on Monday, he was reportedly banned from the delivery room.

Just last month it was revealed that Tiki had ditched his wife of 11 years for 23-year-old former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, the family’s babysitter.

“Things with him and Ginny are still very difficult. He is still refusing to give her the settlement she is asking for, and is offering a lot less,” a source said.

“They are still in court over money and over custody. He did see the baby girls after they were born, as Ginny understands he needs to be a huge part of their lives, and she wants to make sure they are taken care of.”

Shockingly, Tiki doesn’t want to pay up in the divorce because he needs that money to pay his intern’s college tuition, but I digress.  If I were Ginny, I wouldn’t worry too much about money; I can’t see any judge ruling in favor of Tiki, considering what has went down.

The only positive thing about this situation is it has gotten Tiki off TV for the foreseeable future.

12 thoughts on “Tiki Barber Banned From Delievery Room as Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Ginny Barber Gives Birth To Twins

  • I think she has the right to not allow him to be in the delivery room while she is giving birth. Like Damon and Deb said, that can be a very stressful and emotional moment for the woman, which could lead to health problems and complications with the birth. It's certainly understandable, considering the circumstances, why she wouldn't want him there. He can sit in the waiting room and then see the babies afterward.

  • How dare he???? And what is wrong with Traci Lynn Johnson? Does she think she is marrying a nice guy? Does she honestly think he will be faithful to her? If he leaves his pregnant wife for her, who will he leave her for? I say wake up Miss Johnson. I also say no. A thousand times no. He should not be in the delivery room. He should not have the same privileges as a normal father. Think about it–he was cheating on Ginny when she became pregnant. That and that alone keeps him out!!!!

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