Titans Fans Want To Help Chris Johnson Get Paid via Twitter

I will ignore the “goon” stuff, but “Titans Fans” want to do their part to help Chris Johnson get a new contract.

I don’t think anyone will argue that Johnson has outproduced his rookie contract, but in the NFL the teams have all the power and the player doesn’t have much leverage in regard to getting a new deal beyond holding out. ¬†Plus, teams do not like giving big money to running backs, even 2,000-yard running backs.

There are whispers that Johnson may hold on, but in the interim his Twitter followers want to let their voices be heard.

As you can see above, they have started a petition to get Johnson paid:


Not that the Titans care about a fan petition; this was the same team that locked Steve McNair (RIP) out of the building while he was under contract, but still a nice gesture by Chris Johnson’s fans.

Where was the petition from Raider Fan to keep JaMarcus?

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