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VH1 Reality Show Basketball Wives Good Girl Gloria Govan a Felon?

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
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I watched one episode of Basketball Wives and that was enough for me, but since my followers on Twitter love the show, I have a general idea of what is going on.

A few weeks back we had audio from Matt Barnes who is the fiancée’ of Gloria Govan, one of the basketball non-wives on the show.  Barnes was upset about how the show was being presented (shocking).

Govan is portrayed on the show as the naive, young, and innocent one of the group, but we have found out she may not be so innocent.

In 2007, Govan was caught up in a “Cash for Grades” scandal at Diablo Valley College.  If you aren’t familiar with how a “Cash for Grades” operation works, let me explain.  In essence, hackers change grades in the computer system and students pay them for their services.

Here are more details of the case involving Govan:

Contra Costa County prosecutors have charged 34 current and former Diablo Valley College students with felony fraud and conspiracy in a cash-for-grades scheme that could imprison some for years.

Police were arresting suspects across California, and a number were in custody at County Jail in Martinez. Julian Revilleza, who investigators said was a ringleader, was charged with 23 felonies and could be sentenced to nearly 70 years in prison if convicted.

DVC investigators found unauthorized grade changes dating to 2000, with hundreds of dollars paid for each alteration. None of the charges referred to the changes made before 2001.

The long-running plot, revealed by the Times in January, was fostered by the college’s wide-open grade-management system. Nearly 90 people, including student employees, were authorized to change grades at DVC and the district’s other two colleges, Contra Costa and Los Medanos.

Brian Sanchez, Sumair Arif and Gloria Mendoza Govan arrived for arraignment but did not have an attorney. Judge Bessie P. Dreibelbis referred the three to the Public Defender’s Office and set a court date of Oct. 4. Nixon faces three counts of felony fraud and conspiracy.

The majority of the defendants, however, face significantly lower sentences. “Most who have one count,” Katague said, “face three years in state prison.”

The names, ages, hometowns and current school, if known, of 34 current and former DVC students charged with felonies:

Gloria Mendoza Govan, 21, Orinda

Ms. Govan pled to a lesser charge and received no jail time, to our understanding.

So while Govan has portrayed an “I’m better than you” attitude throughout the show, she might want to be a little more careful with that “uppity” attitude.

Because when you talking tough from the top floor of your “glass house” it only takes one stone to have the whole thing crashing down.

She just lucky Jack Bauer wasn’t investigating the case because she might not have her ear now (#24 Spoiler).

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  1. Tishatweets says:

    LOL. I live in the Bay and I remember when this happened. Horrible shame.

  2. Harry says:

    you put the detective hat

  3. De Borah says:

    The worst show on TV. Never have I seen so many uppity women with so many problems. they all think they are better than everyone else. None of them have a REAL relationship and all they think about is drinking and shopping. SAD LITTLE GIRLS. Plus, is it just me or are they just "alright Lookin" girls. None of the are BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Dame says:

    Who really cares if she’s a felon??? I don’t! It’s HER life & doesn’t effect ours in ANY way!

  5. Dame says:

    EXCUSE ME… That should be affect!

  6. Disgusted says:

    Personally I am ashamed of myself for watching thsi show but I must admit my demons. This show has so many low self-esteem judgmental and uppety women–more than any other show I have ever seen. They act so ignorant! It is shameful.

    Gloria makes me the sickest. She is so two faced and fake. She is so naive and to top it off judgmental. She is such a hypocrite. She doesn’t want anyone to judge her sister yet she feels she can judge Royce and whoever else based on what people say about them. How childish.

    Further, when did throwing water on people become the new ass whooping? I just want to know. These broads throw water like they are throwing bows. Please someone tell them that #1 all that fighting and hoopla outside of grade school is childish and not becoming of a LADY. #2 a glass of water never hurt anyone. Grow up.

  7. ssanders says:

    check out the deal with her and Gilberts affair. It was while her sister laura was pregnant. Gilbert Arenas flew her and her brother lonnie from place to place so he and gloria could meet up. She and her sister weren't speaking for some time after Laura found out. The whole family is very scandalous.

  8. Kimberly says:

    I wonder what Season 2 will be like?

  9. Soul24/7 says:

    I agree they r not all that!! Money def has helped these sad woman look better! They do entertain me though, like the mordern day freaks in the circus sideshow! Lol! The def. r reaping what they sow cuz when the money and nice litltle toys get old the illusion is gone and then their left with the truth! Themselves! And that’s the hardest truth by far!..money dosnt make u better it just buys you bigger slave house!

  10. Jalisa says:

    Suzie u a scary ass bitch.How da fuck u go it made at dat gurl be cuz she tryn 2 help yo ass face da truth….da truth hurts dnt it. At da basketball wives reunion how da fuck u go throw sum water on dat gurl n run yo ass off da fuckn stage.Wen she caught yo ass by ur self u aint go hav nobdy dere 2 save yo ass….n she go beat da fuck out of u.

  11. Jalisa says:

    Shaunie u a real woman n i respect u fo dat one. U is beautiful n sweet…n any man wud be luck if dey get 2 evn go out on a date wit u. Keep yo head up gurl cuz u real n u dnt need kno fake ass ppl around u.Gloria n ha sista bogus is hell n dey both go get dere's. Love u Shaunie.

  12. Jalisa says:

    Gloria i jus dnt kno wat 2 say 2 u bt open ur eyes gurl…..cuz ur relationship iz nt perfect y u tryn 2 put on a fnt plus u fake……u 2 faced bitch.

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  14. slim says:

    smdh all dim slum hoes ahh mess, @Gloria if u don’t sit ya azz dwn an really evaluate your life, hoe you more fucked up then every body! !! sit all the way BK and try to learn some positive classy ways cause you not the Shit, you ahh regular bitch! !!

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