Video: Drake Brings LeBron James on Stage in Cleveland..Cavs’ Fan Bow To The King

I like Drake mainly for one reason.

It has been approximately 27 years since he first burst on the mainstream radar with his song “Best I Ever I Had,” and even though he still hasn’t released a debut CD, he is headlining tours and doing Sprite commercials.

You have to be pretty talented to be the considered the hottest rapper in the world by many and not even have a CD out (either that, or have a great marketing team).

With that being said, Drake was headlining a show in Cleveland, he brought LeBron on the stage and the crowd went wild with chants of “M-V-P.”

LeBron hung around for a bit while Drake did a bit of Reggie Wayne’s theme song (read more about Wayne trickin almost 100,000 for his mistress), “Throw it in the Bag.” Also, notice LeBron is still throwing up the “ROC” sign; Nets Fan is pleased by this.  Later on, Drake kicked LeBron off the stage as he seduced a lady from the crowd because he didn’t want LeBron to get into any “Tigerstyle” drama.

In the words of Drake:

“I don’t want to get you in trouble.”

I know there are black people in Cleveland, but it appears they did not attend the Drake concert.

What does this mean for “Cavs Fan”?

Nothing much – my money is still on him bolting for Chicago – but it is nice they still got love for LeBron while Kobe is dropping spinning, 24-foot, fall-away jumpers while being double-teamed with two hands in his face to get his team to the NBA Finals.

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