Video: Kevin Garnett Runs Over Stan Van Gundy, Magic Players Don’t Care

I wonder if Stan Van Gundy is the type of coach that can lead a team to a NBA Championship.  Mainly because he is a screamer; not a manly screamer, either, but a female, Friday The 13th, just-saw-Jason-in-window screamer.

Even in last year’s Finals, the Magic were in every game except Game 1, but in crucial moments they always seemed to have a brain freeze to cost them to game.

It appears to me that the Magic have totally tuned Van Gundy out in the Boston series.

Is that a product of Van Gundy’s coaching style or is it because the supposed leaders on the team (Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis) can be found hiding under the bed or playing XBOX 360 when the pressure is on?

While you ponder that, check out this video provided by Jose3030‘s Twitter, where KG runs over Van Gundy and no one on the Magic attempts to do anything about it.

Pretty much says it all.


Rondo embarrassing White Chocolate with the hustle play:

7 thoughts on “Video: Kevin Garnett Runs Over Stan Van Gundy, Magic Players Don’t Care

  • it wasnt was oviously momentum

  • he didnt run into him , he was shoved by barnes

  • Do you mean checking to see if SVG was OK? Maybe a few angry words for KG knowing Barnes was really at fault? I can understand that. It was kind of weird to watch it live. I think I was subconsciously expecting something to happen. Not two ppl going over to see if he was OK. I don't think we'd see the same reaction from the Nuggets/Spurs/A few others bench if their coach was getting run over.

    • Considering where they are in the series I expected to see a little more fire

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