Video: Manute Bol-Basketball Warrior


So a couple of days ago I posted the Manute Bol kidney illness story, which is getting very little national media attention, which is beyond my understanding.  Most people know Bol as the 7-foot, 6-inch giant that would block everything in his vicinity, but Bol was much more than an abnormally tall man who played basketball.  What is not very well known to the public is how much of an impact Bol has had on his native homeland, Sudan.  Bol used his fame and fortune as an NBA player to uplift  his homeland during a time when Sudan was most in need.

The following series of videos courtesy of  Midwestsportsfans, entitled “Basketball Warrior,” provides some background on the Sudanese culture, the problems the nation faces, and how Bol found basketball and used it as a way to make a difference.  They illustrate why Bol is a man that should be in your prayers for what he has accomplished as not only an NBA player, but as a humanitarian.


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