Witness Says LT Didn’t Have Sex With Girl

According to reports, a female has come forward in the case against the legendary linebacker and claims that he did not have sex with the 16-year-old girl that he has been accused of raping.

TMZ reports:

The witness — a 23-year-old stripper who says she was living with the 16-year-old girl and her alleged pimp at the time — gave a sworn statement to investigators from the defense team, saying she was waiting outside the hotel at the time of the alleged incident. According to the AP, the woman says the teenager returned to the car with $300 in cash and said, “It was weird … we didn’t even have sex.”

BSO previously reported that sources close to Taylor also stated that LT didn’t have sex with the alleged victim, but rather engaged in “pleasuring of the self” which can be read at the link below:

Lawrence Taylor: I Didn’t Have Sex With Her, I Pleasured Myself

LT is due back in court on June 10.

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