Frank McCourt Ordered to Pay 637K a Month To Ex-Wife Jamie McCourt

Just when I thought rapper Nas had it bad with his spousal support order, as of today Dodgers owner Frank McCourt now owns the “Sponsor” crown.

Today McCourt was court ordered to pay his ex-wife Jamie McCourt $225,000 in spousal support as well as $412,159 per month for the mortgages for the couple’s various properties, leaving Frank with a monthly bill of… wait for it… $637,159

Apparently, Jamie had originally requested nearly a million dollars per month in support of which $444,000 were perks.  Jamie classified these perks as “monthly prerequisites” that she received while being married to the owner… *blank stare* Nonetheless, Judge Scott Gordon denied Jamie McCourt’s request of a million dollars per month, but still ordered Frank to pay half a mill more than what he offered.

Now these payments were ordered to be paid dating back to last December, which means that Frank would have to write a nice-sized check of $2.8 million. *blank stare #2.*

TMZ  reports that Jamie also expects Frank to cover her lawyer fees.

” Jamie says she’s on the hook for $8.26 million in attorney’s fees and wanted Frank to pay.  Instead, the judge ruled that the couple must sell their Cabo San Lucas home — valued at $7 million — and Jamie can use her half for lawyer costs.  The judge wants more info before he decides if Jamie should get more from Frank in the attorney’s fees department.”

I don’t know about ya’ll but Frank gets my nomination for the lead role in “Why Did I Get Married 3: Cut that Check.”

Right now Jamie McCourt is somewhere jammin’ to the song below in her Bentley – that Frank probably paid for

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