Arrest Warrant Issued For Knicks Center Eddy Curry

Back in the day when an athlete went broke, he was usually a former athlete.  Now we are seeing more and more current athletes having financial problems while they are playing.

Eddy Curry has had a multitude of drama in his NBA career.  The latest being an arrest warrant issued for a past debt in Chicago.  Here are the details:

A judge has issued an arrest warrant for New York Knicks center Eddy Curry after he failed to appear in court.

Curry was ordered to pay $197,000 in a civil case two years ago but did not pay. When he did not subsequently appear in court, Cook County Judge Alexander White issued the arrest warrant June 14, court records show.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department had been in touch with Curry’s attorneys Wednesday, and the former Bulls player and Chicago native was to turn himself in, sheriff’s department spokesman Steve Patterson said.

By the way, Eddy Curry’s salary for 2010: $10,500,423.

For that $10 million, Curry put up some outstanding numbers:

3 points and 2 rebounds in 7 games played this year.

Hopefully he gets this all worked out so he doesn’t become the next Antoine Walker.

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