Chicago Racetrack to be Renamed “LeBron James Speedway”

In more “LeBron Runs the World” news, a speedway in Chicago, Chicagoland Speedway, is hosting a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in July, and it is reported that they plan to rename the track “LeBron James Speedway” for the event, should LeBron choose to accept Craig Rust’s (the president of Chicagoland Speedways) offer … SMH.

ESPNChicago reports:

On Thursday, Rust sent James a letter inviting the to-be NBA free agent to the 400, which his track will host July 10. Besides re-naming the track in James’ name for the weekend, Rust would also have a “Lebron James Speedway” logo printed on limited edition merchandise, painted on the front stretch of the infield and incorporated into signage throughout the speedway.

“As a special VIP guest, you will be given the honorary title of ‘King’ of our NASCAR weekend,” Rust wrote in the letter, released by Chicagoland Speedway.

I’m getting quite tired of all these cities and their “LeBron, Please Come Here” attempts.  Does the city of Chicago really think that a NASCAR event is actually appealing enough to LeBron to persuade him to sign with the Bulls?  Uh … no.

At this point, I’m thinking that this summer for LeBron is going to be like that scene in He Got Game when Jesus visits Rick Fox’s University.  These cities are pretty much throwing everything but their newborn children at LeBron to get him to go there, which I predict is probably not far from happening, judging by how hard some of these cities are going at LeBron already and July 1st isn’t even close.

All I know is that if any of these cities offer LeBron a seat in Parliament to persuade him to choose their city … I’m Done.

14 thoughts on “Chicago Racetrack to be Renamed “LeBron James Speedway”

  • if any city has naked broads waiting for lebron in a room like in he got game i would be LA, kobe is informative on that kind of thing

  • Yeah, I'm sure LeBron loves being idolized by his second favorite sport.
    Go Bulls!

  • if you can , pleaseeee let lebron james know he have a fan out here in the bronx name alexiss

    email me if you van [email protected]

    • i’ll be sure to get that message to him asap

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