Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett Lectures Vince Young via Twitter

First, let me say that what Martellus Bennett is tweeting is absolutely true.

VY probably does need to have some better people around him, and it isn’t uncommon for bad things to happen at strip clubs past 3am.

With that being said … Bennett giving the lecture is sort of like Superhead giving advice to Kat Stacks, or Soulja Boy giving lyrical tips to Wacka Flocka Flame.

I mean, this is the same guy who thought the “Black Olympics” was funny:

All that aside, it is good advice and advice I hope Vince Young takes to heart … even if the source is a bit shaky at best.

3 thoughts on “Cowboys TE Martellus Bennett Lectures Vince Young via Twitter

  • Ummmm, WOW! With any advice, you have to consider the source too. Dudecould be telling the truth, but this video kills his credibility with me. Vince has to make better decisions, but so do these two clowns – especially around children.

    • I agree what he said, he just not the one who should be saying

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