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Emails: Chad Ochocinco Doesn’t Want Black Women On VH1 Reality Show..Fact or Fiction?

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
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The Chad Ochocinco VH1 reality show “The Ultimate Catch” hasn’t even started yet and there is already drama.  A contestant and employee on the show are claiming that Chad is demanding that the “black girls” be cut early on in the process. have a couple of emails trying to shed light on the situation; we have included the emails below:

I spoke to one of Chad’s representatives, and this is what they had to say:

Let’s put it like this, first let me laugh hysterically! Chad didn’t cast the show, he didn’t even know what the ladies looked like during the casting. It is definitely an urban legend about him not liking black women. But the truth is Chad will be Chad and he will make sure he has a great show that everyone will be tuning into starting July 11th.

My feeling on this is:


It is Chad’s show, so if he wants to “Tiger Style” it, bring a bunch of “Avatar” women in, or make it BET After Dark, that is his prerogative.

In general, women worry too much about the type of women that men – specifically, black men – are interested in.  If we aren’t interested in you, keep it moving.  If men want to sample from the “Female Buffet,” that is their right, and no one should make them feel bad about that.

Shows like Basketball Wives and What Chili Wants got the game all twisted.  If you don’t like the women Chad is choosing, don’t watch the show; but trust me, every woman that has a problem with his selection will be glued to the TV on July 11th.


Chad has replied – via Twitter, of course.

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  1. Black Women says:

    We don't like you Rob

  2. newone says:

    you just showed your true COLOR

  3. woman says:

    I totally agree with the other people on here! I am also all about date who you want regardless of race, but to be so openly disrespectful like that was indeed DISHEARTENING! So i wonder how he thinks that his 5 BLACK children should feel about their LOOKS!!!! Get ready for the ride CHAD cause you did this one to yourself!! YOu ARROGANT, COCKY, SLAVE!!! that's right make it big and forget where you came from. And on your way to the bottom don't call on your black community to help you!! I know you remember Ickie Woods, OJ simpson, Tiger Woods..etc…The same Hollywood or whoever else you can get connections with to get where you wanna go, will be the same people who don't know yo ass no more!! Get it in now, cuz GOD don't like UGLY!! and i can't wait to see your whole world come crashing down on that big head of yours!!

  4. Shedira says:

    I honestly believe that mybe his words may have been a tad bit twisted, but if that isn't the case then honestly that is his lost. Any individual of any race that doesn't want to date their own race has serious issues within themselves. I am a fan of chad ochocinco and I have a great deal of respect for him. I am attracted to his drive and his ambition. I represent strong, educated, classy, beautiful black women every where by saying that it takes a certain kind of man to handle us anyway. I just want Chad to realize that if it wasn't for a black woman then he wouldn't be here. I wish him the best in his reality show and I hope he finds love.

  5. Cousteau says:

    And Shedra says: "I am a fan of chad Ochocinco and I have a great deal of respect for him. I am attracted to his drive and his ambition. I represent strong, educated, classy, beautiful black women every where by saying that it takes a certain kind of man to handle us anyway. ."

    Blah, blah blah blah ……yawn Zzzzzzzzzz LMAO! And there U have it folks….this is one of the main reasons why so many black men period (Celebrity, professional athlete, actor, entertainer, or working black men period…..have the mindset and attitude against dating or being romantically involved with black women. Chad Johnson….I dont blame U.

    Instead of focusing on his "drive" and his "ambition" Shedra….how about U focus on him as a person period…and not whether or not that drive and ambition equates to free tickets to the Bengals game, trips to the ESPY's or him spending his $$$$ on "U"

    As a young black man…..I have "put in my time" when it comes to dating black women…and to be honest…….it's really exhausting, I do well for myself now….but I can recall a time when most black women wouldnt give me the time of day because my bank balance wasnt where they wanted it to be…regardless that in the beginning….all I had was my drive or ambition….. but the moment my ship came in…all that sh*sh changed!

    Now they demand that U "Do not forget where U came from" and that it is your responsibility to date or marry a black woman…just because they are black. Please! Black Women for the most part are lost!

    Funny….while out struggling to build my business up……it was the "white girl" who had my back and supported me…while the "sista" was telling me how my business wouldn't take off……..and how I should just get a job like the other brothas she's used to dealing with

    • newone says:

      May be you were dealing with the wrong sistah, cause I know plenty of sistahs holding their man up even if he don't deserve it. Even helping him find direction to get where he want to be. I own my own Company with my mother and sister, married to a real brother who likes too see his woman succeed. I also help and encourage him in his endeavors.

      Now just like you ran up on that good white sistah, you could have ran up on a good black one. Color is non-issue. Character of woman is the ISSUE.

      But it's ignorant comments like this that black women are opposed too.

      Also take into consideration how black women have given so much of themselves only to be abused, neglected and disrespected by her own Sons.

      You feel the way you feel because of your experiences; they feel the way feel because of theirs,

      And Robert, I'm seeing more and more of your true colors. If the sistahs labored with you guys why not labor with us.

    • CB2 says:

      You said you can recall a time when 'most black women wouldn't give you the time of day…'. News flash: Most white women wouldn't have given you the time of day either. So you found a white woman who has your back. Great. You obviously chose the wrong sisters if they didn't have faith in your dream (depending on how hard you worked for it).

    • CB2 says:

      There are plenty of sisters out here who always 'have a brother's back', then the moment they make it, some brothers lose their minds and identities. It's the sister who took care of you (your mama), it's the sister who stands in your corner (your sister), it's the sister who will take you in again when your 'white girl' leaves (your woman).

      Date who you want, who cares. But don't get on your high horse criticizing sisters because you didn't pick the right ones. Sisters could easily go 'tit for tat' describing why they shouldn't date black men, and all the negative things they go through at the hands of their black men. But generally, we don't bother because we know who we are. We stand strong whether you appreciate us or not. For every one 'white girl' who has a brother's back, there are a thousand sisters who do.

      Please take your negativity back home to your 'white girl' and live happily ever after…

  6. Evie says:

    I don't care about him one way or another. One thing for sure I won't be one the show. Arrogant men are turn off.

  7. newone says:

    P.S Date who you want to date, I've dated white guys myself and found one to be quite adequate (if you know what I mean), Actually one of my best, if not the best.

    The problem is BROTHERS the media is throwing this up in our face and your not defending us even cosigning.


    Brothers like Cousteau are not the majority. Just stand by us and stop letting them dog us.

    Real, confident and intelligent Black women DON'T CARE.

  8. Thierry says:

    I find it funny how some say it his preference to only date non black women.

    So that also means anytime a white person say they don't want black people at their stores, or they don't want black people at their schools or they don't want black people PERIOD!. Then none of us should scream racism right? because that's the white person "preference" right?

  9. This is a actually nice site, too bad I’m an asshole.

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