Grand Jury Indicts Lawrence Taylor on Rape Charges

I am not surprised that Taylor was indicted.  By the letter of the law, there is definitely enough evidence to take him to trial.

I think the only thing he is really guilty of is the “patronizing a prostitute” charge.

He is also should be charged with being an idiot, but I digress.

In the end I think there will be a plea deal, but for now he is set for trial.  Here are the details from (didn’t take them long to report it):

Pro football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor has been indicted by a suburban New York grand jury on charges of rape, criminal sexual act and sexual abuse.

The indictment Wednesday comes after his May 6 arrest at a Holiday Inn. Prosecutors say he paid a 16-year-old girl $300 to have sex with him.

The former New York Giant was also indicted on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and patronizing a prostitute.

Taylor has denied the charges, his story is a bit suspect, but it has been pretty much confirmed that he didn’t cause any harm to the young lady.  The real criminal is her pimp, who is currently in custody.

If more information arises from the situation, we will let you know.

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