JaMarcus Russell Booed At Andre Ward vs. Allen Green Fight In Oakland

Here is what is classic about this story.

It isn’t that JaMarcus got booed — that is to be expected.

It was the fact that JaMarcus showed up in the 8th round of a 12 round fight.  If that doesn’t sum up JaMarcus’ entire stint with the Raiders, nothing else does.  I understand in some sports you have late arriving crowds.  The reason for that is regardless of what happens at the beginning of the game, you know that it will go four quarters or nine innings.

In boxing, though, you don’t have that luxury; the fight could be over as soon as the bell rings in the 1st round.

To add insult to injury, Russell came to the arena wearing an Alabama Crimson Tide hat, leather jacket, and sunglasses.  You may be asking yourself what the big deal is about that.  It wouldn’t be … if JaMarcus didn’t attend LSU.  He doesn’t have many fan bases left, so I would suggest he doesn’t alienate them all.

Then again, when JaMarcus read this article, you know what he did:


4 thoughts on “JaMarcus Russell Booed At Andre Ward vs. Allen Green Fight In Oakland

  • I am officially done with this clown. Wearing Bama gear was the last straw. I know that its home & all but damn.

    Geaux Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funny thing is that i was just given a Russell's "official" Raiders #2 Jersey. Im conflictive as to whether i should wear it or not.

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