LaDainian Tomlinson Sports “Jets 2010” Tattoo On His Leg..Has He Gone Crazy?


I once knew this girl who dated an athlete for like 7 years.  All through high school and college.  As soon as he got drafted, he dropped her for a “Kardashian” type (just ’cause she isn’t on the banner anymore doesn’t mean I won’t speak about her).

She was so distraught, the next guy she dated (who treated her like a 2nd string running back), she got his name tattooed on her chest.

The guy dropped her a year later and she still has the tattoo.

Which brings us to Ladainian Tomlinson, who is rocking a Jets tattoo on his leg because he is still being “moist” about his time with the Chargers.

When sent the pic I had to ask twice if it was real, but there is video on with LT talking about how the Chargers are “dead” to him.

Is this the NFL or The Young and the Restless?

Sadly, when he is cut from the Jets next year, I hope he has saved enough money for the tattoo removal surgery.

A lot of running backs go through this mid-life crisis as their abilities start to dwindle.

Basically LT is being the 50-year-old guy who just bought a Ferrari, hoping to attract some 21-year-old college girls (no Roethlisberger).


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