Miami-Dade County Really Wants Dwyane Wade To Stay With Heat

In news that may or may not excite Trick Daddy, Miami-Dade County will have a new name from July 1 – July 7.  Adding another log to the free agent frenzy-fire, county commissioners have voted to rename Miami-Dade County to … Miami-Wade County.  Miami-Wade County.  *taps mic*

It was a natural fit, so I guess it isn’t terribly unexpected that this happened in the craziest, most hyped summer of free agency in recent memory (if not ever).  Billboards, websites, celebrity endorsements, free agent “summits,” lapdances for life … we’ve seen nearly all the stops pulled out in an attempt to get players to resign with their current squads or lure them to other cities.  This was at least a noble gesture that recognizes the contribution Wade has made to the community, one that will stand even if he does end up departing the Heat this summer.  I just hope I don’t end up living in LeBrongo, Illinois for a week.  Check out the four-page memo here (.pdf, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

H/T to SportsByBrooks for the lead.

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