Michael Vick #1 Hated Athlete According to Forbes

The Forbes list has the same problem as Nielsen Ratings.  The people who they are polling are not a good representation of the country in general.  White people hate Michael Vick because a lot of them love “Scooby Doo” more than they love humans, I don’t think the general public has much angst against Vick.  Here is the Top 10 according Forbes and then I will tell you why this list is a joke:

1. M. Vick
2. Al Davis
3. Big Ben
4. Tiger
5. Jerry Jones
6. Mark McGwire
7. Terrell Owens
8. Alex Rodriguez
9. Allen Iverson
10. Gilbert Arenas


One of the reasons this list is a farce is because Kobe Bryant isn’t on it.

Trust me when I tell you this — there is no more hated athlete in the country than Kobe Bryant.

The venom for Kobe is at a nuclear level; the ironic thing is the love for him is at a worshipping level.  He is the most polarizing athlete in the world.  Any most hated list should start and end with Bean.

I think some interns made up this list.  Forbes needs to hire me, they seem a bit out of touch with the people.

6 thoughts on “Michael Vick #1 Hated Athlete According to Forbes

  • You posted wrong list

  • Kobe is the most hated among black people. Vick is most hated among whites.

  • Kobe certainly is a polarizing figure, but he doesn't belong on Forbes' top ten list. Sure, he may not have the most likable personality, but nobody can question his will to win, and that's something most sports fans admire.

    As for the list itself, cleary white folks are over-represented in this poll, probably to the tune of 90% and upwards. So Big Ben can sexually assault two women in the last 7 years and yet a wayward owner in Al Davis and convicted dog abuser in Mike Vick are suppositely more hated? Wow…good to see peoples' priorities are in the right place.

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