Mo Williams on Twitter: “Don’t Trade Me, I’m Begging on Both Knees”


By this evening I am sure Mo Williams will be claiming Ty Lawson or Ray Allen hacked his Twitter and he didn’t post this.  Maybe Delonte West got a hold of his phone.

More likely he will say he was joking.

But inside every joke, the truth is lurking.

Maybe Mo Williams knows LeBron is coming back to Cleveland and he understands that Mo Williams without LeBron is like Harold Melvin without the Blue Notes (props to Snoop).

Or Williams is just being “moist” and doesn’t want to get his feelings hurt by being traded.

Either way, joking or not, I think there is some subliminal truth in this tweet.

It appears Twitter has now become the place where athletes can go cry and have their bathwaterslurpers make them feel better.

The fact that Mo Williams has 54,000+ followers, only follows 25 people back, and goes by “MoGotti” lets me know he really does think he is a superstar.

We will see how much of a star he is if he gets traded to Toronto, but I digress.

The Summer of LeBron continues.


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