Music: Lakers 2010 Finals Anthem feat: Ice Cube, Ray J & Chino XL


Two things came to mind when I first heard about this:

1- Any song with Ray J on it could be considered a curse.

2- “Chino XL F**k You Too!!!!!” (for my Tupac fans).

But then I listened to the track, and it is straight:


Especially Ice Cube’s verse, I have listened to it at least ten times now. ¬†Outstanding, clap for them.


  1. OOOOOKaaaaay!

    I know this ain't official, cuz last I checked Ray J wasn't welcome around no Khardashians. Lamar would spit out his Now'a'Laters and get to boxin.

    Realtalk, waitin for the Boston Celtics anthem– with Ed. O.G., Benzino and Marky Mark?

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