Music Video: Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttlesworth “Hand Down, Man Down”


I remember Ray Allen with the Seattle Supersonics (not the Sonics, but the Supersonics).  I even remember Ray back at UCONN.

Two things:

1- He looks exactly the same as he did in “He Got Game” (black men age well).
2- The Jumper still wet.

After Ray Ray had a couple of ankle surgeries, I wondered how effective he would be once he got to the Celtics … but I forgot my golden rule.

“Shooters can always shoot.”

I am 99% sure if Larry Bird entered the 3-point contest next year, even though he looks like he is 100 years old and his back is twisted like the mind of Ron Artest, I wouldn’t bet money against Bird.  Would you?

So I wasn’t surprised that Ray went off in Game 2 and I won’t be surprised if he goes off again.  He is Jesus, after all.  Dwight Howard is not pleased by that last comment.


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