Music Video: Troop 41 “John Wall”

Future Basketball Wives statewide are just waiting to get their hooks into #1 overall draft pick John Wall.  He has $25 million guaranteed from Reebok and another $20+ million from his rookie contract to be deposited into his account over the next few years.  He is the most marketable player from the NBA Draft and he is going to a major market and sports town in DC.

His fame is spreading fast.

Rap group Troop 41 already has a song dedicated to him, “John Wall.” I can not confirm if Ron Artest will be on the remix.

Reebok debuted his shoe commercial today (the shoes are still god awful).

Will he live up to the hype?

Only time will tell, but there are unconfirmed reports that Gilbert Arenas does not like all the attention Wall is getting and has been seen talking to Marvin Harrison.

*I made that last sentence up, just in case you were going to run to TMZ*

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