NBA Analyst Jalen Rose Sources: “Almost Certain LeBron Won’t Be Returning To Cavs”

ESPN NBA analyst and former Fab 5 Alum Jalen Rose says his “sources” tell him that LeBron James won’t be returning to the Cavs.

He also says that the Bulls, Heat, and Clippers are the leading candidates.

Of course this contradicts what Stephen A. Smith had to say a few days ago when his “sources” said LeBron was headed to the Big Apple.

Since everyone is throwing out sources, let me throw out mine.

My sources tell me it is a done deal he is going to the Chicago Bulls.

Some people have better sources than others, but still take everything with a grain of salt.  The only source that really matters is LeBron.  With that being said, I would be hard pressed to believe he goes to Miami (Wade not having that) or the Clippers (he would blow out his ACL during the welcoming press conference).

I think it comes down to the Bulls and Knicks.  Bulls are a better team and ready to contend, especially if they add a complementary player with LeBron.

LeBron still has time to call Kobe and go to the Lakers.  I’m just saying.

The Summer of LeBron continues.

4 thoughts on “NBA Analyst Jalen Rose Sources: “Almost Certain LeBron Won’t Be Returning To Cavs”

  • I don’t know where Bron end up but he probably won’t live up to expectations unless he delivers multiple rings. No way he goes to Chicago & is ever seen as a better player than MJ. Though I will say “da Bulls” have the best roster of the teams that could bring him in.
    The Clippers aren’t a viable option with Sterling as majority owner.
    New York’s roster is almost bare even with a couple of max players. It takes more than 2 superstars to win chips. It’s the players like Horry, DFish, Bruce Bowen, etc that come thru w/ timely plays too that help win that ring.
    Miami? I don’t think Lebron could coexist w/ Wade. What’s the expression too many bosses and not enough workers? DWade doesn’t coast in games like Lebron does. Also, what’s 1 of them going to say/think when the other 1 gets the final play drawn up for him & misses the shot?

    I got relatives in Cleveland & they’re on suicide watch worried Lebron will dip.

  • What will it take for you to talk about the Milwaukee BUCKS. I say it they get a good power forward in the draft, resign Salmons they are automatically a 50 win team (my guess 56) They got corey Maggette for PEANUTS!!!! Danny G is a permanent fixture on the bench and Charlie Bell is absolutely TRASH!! John Hammond did it again He is Hands down the best GM (and they still have a coulple of expiring contracts left on the team 3 draft picks). And I would not be surprised that Jesus Shuttlesworth comes back to his Mecca.
    Can you say NBA FINALS! I don’t even care if Lebron goes to the bulls anymore.

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