Percy Harvin: “Howtogetknockedout Disrespecting the Vikings or GatorNation”

Sometimes I wonder if these guys are just slow or if they just don’t think before they tweet.

The latest being Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin, who wants everyone to know that the way to get “KOed” is to talk about the Vikings or the Gator Nation.

Do Harvin and Vince Young roll in the same crew?

Should would expect a video of him in a Minnesota Strip Club Broom Closet throwing a sucker punch when someone tells him that Tim Tebow sucks?

Maybe I am giving NFL players too much credit by thinking they would use some common sense every once in a while.

I know it is fun to participate in trending topics on Twitter, but when you just saw a marquee guy get in serious trouble for doing the same thing you are tweeting about, you simply have to be smarter.

They are not doing anything to disprove the “dumb jock” stereotype.

Once again:


3 thoughts on “Percy Harvin: “Howtogetknockedout Disrespecting the Vikings or GatorNation”

  • I doubt he cares if you think he’s a dumb jock.

  • Sgt Davd Morris of KCACC is a criminal that should be removed from his position before he abuses his authority again. This guy will harass anyone anywhere anytime. King County is pathetic for employing this jerk! He has killed thousands of animals in Washington state….

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