Pics: Chad Ochocinco Ultimate Catch Girls: Halie, Jasmine Lennear, Katie McCutcheon & Tiphani Abney


Ocho’s dating reality show The Ultimate Catch wrapped up shooting yesterday and Chad, always one to be modest, says “It will change television forever.” If anything, the format is a bit different than what you are used to seeing on VH1. Up until now all the shows have had a “Flavor of Love” styled theme, but Chad’s show is doing  it “March Madness” style.

85 girls start out and similar to the NCAA Tournament, they are bracketed and eliminated in a one-and-done fashion.

I am curious enough to check it out, it premiers on July 11th.  Ocho is an interesting guy and the eye candy (I hope) will be up to par.

A couple of the girls who are going to be on the show have leaked and as you can imagine they are your typical “Myspace Models,” Video Vixens, Strippers, Escorts and Groupies type of females.  No surprise in that.

I have a few pics of four of the girls I have been told get pretty far in the tournament.  I figured the fellas would like a sneak peek of what they will be watching; as I get more pics I will add them.



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