Pics: The Hottest World Cup Soccer Wives and Girlfriends

One thing is perfectly clear:


I don’t call it soccer, I call it by its proper name, Futbol.  Soccer is a word Americans made up because they didn’t want to acknowledge that Futbol has been around longer and is more popular worldwide than than Football, but I digress.

Admittedly, I have no idea who the majority of these women are, but trust me when I say I rather be looking at these pics than another World Cup tie.

I noticed that Ronaldo has been linked to half the women in the pics, so is he like the Derek Jeter of the World Cup?

Tiger Woods would clean up if he lived overseas, even though it didn’t work out too well with his Swedish nanny.

Here are the pics, enjoy.

Pics courtesy of New York Daily News

8 thoughts on “Pics: The Hottest World Cup Soccer Wives and Girlfriends

  • This gay dude agrees – these ladies are all on FIRE!

  • Guess it's unanimous all over the world that athletes date models LOL

  • Ghana, Cameroon, Cote D'ivoire to name a few are "International" teams participating in the World Cup right? I'm sure some of the BROTHAS on those teams are dating SISTAS yet you just like mass media fail to paint a more accurate picture . Oh well….

  • You know robert I think I'm about to help you get some more blogger followers. For this to be a "Black" blog you certainly do constantly give SISTERS shade. May be I'll spread the word; Or maybe NOT, We'll just let you stay down under. Keep you non-relevant.

    I wanted SOO Badly to follow you as a "Brother" and I even agree with a lot of your opinions

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