Rasheed Wallace Storms Into Referee’s Locker Room After Game 7..WOW!!!

We were a witness to “Good” Sheed tonight during Game 7.

We saw glimpses of what could have made Sheed a Hall of Fame player if he ever cared enough to put the work in.

Unfortunately, “Bad” Sheed showed up after the game, according to ESPN’s Chris Forsberg.  Don’t ask me how, but Rasheed was able to force his way into the Referee’s locker room after Game 7.

Depending who you believe, Rasheed just wanted to “talk”, but it could have turned into a ugly situation.  Security was able to get Rasheed out of there before it became a serious situation.

The Celtics had a great postseason, but this is an ugly end to it, although it was one of the risks in signing Rasheed.  I always thought he was more unpredictable and volatile than Ron Artest ever was.

Wallace has had a long history with the refs, and this isn’t the first time there have been altercations.  I am glad cooler heads prevailed, before Rasheed did something he regretted and marred an otherwise outstanding Finals series.


You know at BlackSportsOnline we are always about getting the story correct, even if that means admitting we have made a mistake.  I will be the first to admit I might have jumped the gun a bit on the Rasheed Wallace story.  Even though I mentioned Rasheed said he wanted to “talk” to the refs, I sort of dismissed it, but it could have been true — here are the details from ESPN.com:

Rasheed Wallace might have played his final game of his career on Thursday, the 15-year veteran stood outside the locker room of the game officials trying to talk to a group which has been intertwined with much of his career.

It wasn’t clear if he was trying to discuss the calls that went against Boston in its Game 7 loss to the Lakers in the NBA Finals or just say goodbye to a couple of veteran officials.

Wallace exited the Boston locker room before it opened to the media and navigated his way toward the team bus before diverting to the official’s locker room nearby. He managed to open the door and talk with an unidentified person behind the door, before arena and NBA security ushered him back out.

Wallace stuck his head into the locker room and appeared to say, “Danny, I just want to talk,” possibly to referee Danny Crawford, but quickly got removed from the room.

The veteran forward, who is the NBA all-time leader in technical fouls, did not appear confrontational. While waiting he muttered again about simply wanting to talk and that it was nothing bad.

But security would have no part of it, likely fearing he was angry about the way Game 7 played out.

Who exactly knows what was going on in Rasheed’s mind at the time, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt since there are no reports that he was being confrontational or even angry.

I still believe it was a good decision to keep him out, because a “friendly” conversation could have turned into something else.  If this was indeed Rasheed’s last game, at least for one night you can say he left it all out on the floor.

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