Reggie Wayne’s Mistress Natasha McKenzie Surrenders to Police..ReggieWayning is Born

I have made up quite a few sayings and catchphrases in my day, but I have to say “ReggieWayning” is one of the best.

His story about giving his mistresses his debit card and then her going on a yearlong shopping spree is just hilarious to me.  The fact Wayne is now holding out for more money even adds to the comedic value.

The mistress, Miss McKenzie, turned herself in today on fraud charges, here are the details from the Indy Star:

Natasha McKenzie, 26, had been charged in a warrant with two counts of felony theft. She turned herself into police at 9:10 a.m. today, said Lt. Jeff Duhamell, of the Indianapolis Metropolitan police.

Police said last week that in one year, McKenzie used Wayne’s credit cars to obtain $60,000 in cash and $35,000 in.

Wayne said in the police report he was notified by a department store that someone had attempted to make a purchase with his bank card. A check with Huntington Bank, Wayne said, revealed 333 transactions dating to September 2009.

McKenzie told WXIN-59 that Wayne was aware of the purchases.

Since I am the creator of the term “ReggieWayning,” let me tell you what happened in this situation.  Reggie decided to do a little simpin on his mistress.  Told her to charge a few things, get her a purse or something.  Miss McKenzie, though, keeps the debit card number.

Since Wayne has millions in the bank, he doesn’t pay attention to all the charges.  If I had to guess, he probably authorized about half of them, and Miss McKenzie took the liberties with the rest.

In the end, fellas stop “ReggieWayning” with your side ladies — or if you do, pay them in cash.

7 thoughts on “Reggie Wayne’s Mistress Natasha McKenzie Surrenders to Police..ReggieWayning is Born

  • i read in another article that the charges that he is claiming started even before he met this girl…it just really sounds like his wife caught up with his mess n so he's trying to play it cool. How do you charge 333 things and not notice "Becky's Daycare" on ur bank Statement? w/e lol

  • Do I feel sorry for Reggie Wayne? Hell no. He loaned the card and he should have known that when he didnt get the card back that things were probably being charged on it. But on the other side of the coin is the fact that his mistress took advantage of a good thing. She also was too stupid to think about the outcome if she kept charging. The money just burned a hole in her pocket and she probably had never had money so this was exciting to her. Both are to blame and both have no concept of money, or right and wrong. No I don't
    feel sorry for either one of them.

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