Rumor: Tom Izzo Informs Players He is Taking Cavs Job

Take this with a grain of salt.  The report is coming from the that sources have said that Izzo has told some of his Michigan State players he will be taking the job with the Cavaliers.  Here are the details:

Sources close to WFNY have informed us that Tom Izzo has told his players at Michigan State that he plans on taking the Cavaliers job. Our sources have heard directly from players on the MSU team that Izzo informed them this week that he is planning on making the move up to the NBA level under the ownership of MSU grad Dan Gilbert.

We have also heard from a separate source that Izzo is holding off on announcing this until the end of the week, when his kids finish up school in the Lansing area.

They are reporting this as fact; I am going to put it under the rumor section until there are some more reports supporting their claim.

This begs the question of how big a hand LeBron has in this?  According to Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert, LeBron will not be involved in who is the next coach of the Cavs.

If you believe that, you also believe Kat Stacks (google her) has more than a 8th grade education.

With that being said, history shows that successful college coaches struggle in the pros, and the Cavs situation just doesn’t seem like a good fit for a college coach — even one as accomplished as Tom Izzo.

If you take LeBron out of the equation, it is an even more strange move for Izzo.

Without LeBron, the Cavs are at best the 76ers in regard to talent.  They are limited on what they can do in free agency because of some of the trades they have made, and just seem destined to fall off the map if LeBron doesn’t come back.

Once again I would not take this as fact, mainly because it doesn’t make any sense, but we will monitor it.

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