Sources: Marcus Vick Possibly Involved In Shooting Of Quanis Phillips

From the time I heard the quote:

“Marcus Vick was in the back handling the check when the shooting took place.”

I thought it sounded suspicious, but I wanted to give Marcus the same benefit of the doubt that I have given Michael Vick.  Without any clear evidence there is no reason to accuse Marcus Vick of anything, but that hasn’t stopped some from speaking out and saying he had something to do with the shooting.

The report comes from Profootballtalk:

So I went on the Game 102.1 FM in Virginia Beach this afternoon to talk about Michael Vick. Before the segment was over, the hosts (Johnny D. and Bartley Barefoot) proceeded to break some news.

The radio station has sources that Marcus Vick, Michael’s brother, was involved in the shooting that took place after Vick’s 30th birthday party last Friday morning. It’s uncertain what “involved” means here precisely. ESPN’s Adam Schefter said earlier on Wednesday that he believes the shooter will turn himself in to authorities soon.

I was surprised initially to hear the Marcus Vick connection, and couched my response with a lot of “ifs” and “possiblys” regarding the situation. Barefoot had no such equivocation, saying his sources were sure Marcus Vick was involved.

It’s only because Mike Florio has credibility in my book that am I even posting this.  In reality, it has a Delonte West/Lebron’s mom type of feel to it because no one is revealing these “sources.”

While Michael Vick basically shows a lot of bad judgment, Marcus Vick is the more criminally inclined brother.  He is the one who has been prone to violent outbursts and criminal activity.

Beyond Mike Vick’s dogfighting scandal he’s never been a person in trouble with the law, whereas Marcus has a longer rap sheet.

Doesn’t mean he had anything to do with this, but I wouldn’t just dismiss it.

It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that someone from Michael Vick’s inner circle without his knowledge decided to teach Phillips a lesson.

Actually, that is the current theory I am working with.  Whether it was Marcus or someone else I couldn’t say, but I would not be surprised if whoever is eventually charged is a close friend of Michael Vick’s.

How that affects Vick’s future, only time and Roger Goodell will say.

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  • What!!! Marcus Vick involved in a shooting? But he is such a fine upstanding citizen. Maybe the shooting was an accident, like when he "accidentally" stepped on that player's leg in college. What a waste of space this family is and always will be. The NFL needs to do away with Michael Vick because he is obviously too stupid to deserve the privilege to play in the NFL.

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