Stephen A. Smith: “LeBron Going to Miami To Team Up With Bosh & Wade”

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen A. Smith had “breaking news.”  His sources told him that LeBron was going to the Knicks.

Today, I guess he decided to drop those Knicks sources faster than Swizz Beats dropped his wife for Alicia Keys to report that LeBron is going to the Heat.

He isn’t just going to the Heat, he is going to team with Wade and Bosh in Miami.  You know how I feel.  I think there is a better chance of Wade getting back with his wife than playing with LeBron.

I want you all to listen to me.  I post this stuff because I know people are interested in where these guys will end up.

But in reality, no one knows anything.

Not Stephen A.

Not NBA Executives.

Not Terez Owens’ uncle who works for the Cavs.

Not even me.

Only LeBron knows what is really going on.  Even if LeBron was in my living room and said to me:

“Rob, I love what you are going to do with Stiletto Month come July 1st and by the way … I am signing with the Bulls day one.”

I wouldn’t believe him because until the contract is signed, he could always change his mind.

It would be in the media’s best interest to stop reporting opinions as facts and stop being “moist dudes” when people call them out on flip-flopping.

The Summer of LeBron continues.

7 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith: “LeBron Going to Miami To Team Up With Bosh & Wade”

  • thats real talk right there because players shouldnt even trust another player just think back when b-diddy(baron davis) was a free agent elton brand sold him a dream that they could play together on the clips n as soon as davis signed brand got ghost on him n signed with the sixers so like u said we'll all see where the pen takes there dudes come july 8

  • You are burying the lead rob…. The report should say…
    "July is Stiletto month!!!!"

  • 100% correct. That is an exact account of what is the true story. Mentally, emotionally, logically these guys don't know what they are going to do. They might have an idea, or a good direction, but no way in hell does anyone else trully know and even how much they believe it 100% to themselves. They could still be wrong.

    Have you ever had to make a HUGE life choice? It takes time, and different cards, even expected cards, change your prospective once they happen.

  • WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I couldn't agree more.

    but seriously, Lebron is going to the NETS.

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